Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This year, 2012 is the centenary of Kodak's introduction of the 127 film format. Smaller than the then available films, it was pivotal in the spread of popularity of photography among the masses. Early users included those fighting in the First World War, millions of the “Kodak Vest Pocket” were made, and became known as the “soldier's camera”.

The format was still the mainstay of family snapshot photos until the 1960s, but then 35mm cameras became more popular and affordable, and finally other more foolproof systems such as the 126 cartridge took over the point-and-shoot market. Kodak ceased production of 127 film in 1995, and it is now hard to come by, but one or two manufacturers are still producing it, unlike the 126 cartridges which effectively killed off 127.

Many of my 127 cameras are very basic models, aimed at the holiday snap market, and only usable in bright sunlight, so these will have to be used over the summer months, but there are a good number of models with variable apertures and shutter speeds, so no lighting condition is out of reach.

Looking back though the last two years of my 52 cameras in 52 weeks project, I have already used nineteen 127 format cameras, but I have plenty left, mainly cheap and simple ones, though some are more sophisticated.

I have decided that this year, as well as continuing with my camera of the week, I will use as many 127 cameras as I can, though not on a strict timetable, it will be a chance to revisit some old friends as well as to try out some new ones.

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