Saturday, 11 February 2012

127 camera No.9 - Kodak Brownie 44A

Kodak Brownie 44A by pho-Tony
Kodak Brownie 44A, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.
The 44A has a single shutter speed and 2 apertures, there is no focus control. I also have a 44B, which has a 3 speed shutter, 3 apertures and focussing, unfortunately the shutter doesn't work on that one, but I hope I may be coax it back to life so that I can use it later this year.
After shooting half a roll in the Gevalux 144, I transferred the film into this camera to finish it off.


  1. So I'm assuming that the "12" and "13" are the apertures. Any idea why those numbers are used? Any idea why it's called a "'Dakon' Lens Mount 320"? Thanks for this blog! We don't see nearly this variety of 127 cameras in the U.S.

  2. I believe the 12 and 13 are "EV" or "exposure value", a system that related to the aperture/shutter speed combination. For example, EV12 might be 1/60th at f8, and all the equivalent settings (1/30th at f11, 1/15th at f16 etc etc). There's a more deatiled explanation here:

    Not sure about the lens mount 320, if I find out I'll let you know...