Tuesday, 17 April 2012

photo from 127 camera number 16 - Exakta VP model B

This camera has a series of very long exposure settings, going up to 12 seconds, this one was taken indoors, away from a window, the exposure was 4 seconds at f22.


  1. Really nice shot. I'm delighted to discover this project of yours, since I'm still reeling with surprise from finding out I could still get 127 film for the little Brownie cube someone threw into a craigslist transaction a while back.

    I took it along for a trip to the North Carolina zoo and chronicled the results here, in case you're interested. Now, to delve deeper into your site and see if you've put one of these ubiquitous brownies through its paces as part of the project already...


  2. Thanks Colin, I took a look at your photos, hope mine come out as well when I use my Brownie later this year...